The Propane Predicts a Butler Win Tonight (Updated)

The propane has spoken. (image: kj5t via

UPDATE: UConn beat Butler, 53-41. Propane bracketology has been debunked … or maybe Connecticut just doesn’t burn enough propane.

It only took a weekend of play at the NCAA basketball tournament to discredit “propane bracketology,” the method of picking winners based on which college’s home state consumed more gallons of residential propane. Despite the sterling success in the East Region, the propane bracket was a failing effort, as three of the all-propane final four failed to even make it to the third round.

But maybe just maybe things will go differently in tonight’s game…

Tonight, Butler University in Indiana meets the University of Connecticut in the men’s final. And it’s hard not to notice that Indiana residents have the much heartier appetite for propane (three times heartier, in fact, though the population is less than twice the size of Connecticut). So we’re giving propane bracketology one last chance to redeem itself, and calling tonight’s game for Butler.

Meantime, the Vegas odds-makers are picking UConn by three.

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