Propane Poofing up Crowds (in Britain)

Some recent propane poofery from the lads at Pyro1 in Britain. (image:

The internet is full of amateur pyrotechnicians, who rig up their own “propane poofers” — giant Bunsen burner-style gadgets that shoot propane fireballs into the sky. But what can you do if you’re just a regular bloke who wants to add a few fireballs to, say, your wedding reception? If you live in Britain, try calling Pyro1.

For grand occasions — rugby matches, cage fights, or even a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey — the company can set up “the world’s most advanced propane gas flame systems” for flames up to 25-feet high. Pyro1 recently posted some photos of their system online, offering a good portrait of how the pros rig up their systems.

Note to Prince William and Kate’s wedding planners: Have a look.

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