Jay Leno: Late Night Funnyman and “Big Proponent of Propane”

Jay Leno: thumbs up for propane power. (image: supersteeze.com)

The late-night talk show host Jay Leno is well-known as a car man, with a collection of around 250 vehicles in his “Big Dog Garage” in California. He routinely showcases some of his prize wheels in an online video series. And in one segment, recently unearthed from more than a year ago, the funnyman reveals he is a “big proponent of propane.” (Hat tip to New York’s Norton Gas for the find.)

“I’ve always wondered why propane hasn’t caught on,” Leno says, recalling a friend who converted a propane Corvette twenty years before. “We have what — a 600 year supply? Some incredible amount.”

A bit of an overstatement. But Bernardo Herzer, the head of the propane-powered gadget-maker LEHR, is on hand to revise the numbers. “If we were to change everything to run on propane we have about 180 years,” Herzer says, hinting at some newly discovered supplies.

Herzer also shows off some of LEHR’s propane toys, including a 1,000-watt generator (crucial in California for the state’s thrice a year blackouts, Leno notes) and a leaf-blower (which Leno suggests could double as a car dyer).

While the comedian’s garage surely includes some vintage gas guzzlers, he’s got a green streak, too. When Chevy released the Volt, its plug-in electric hybrid, last year Leno labeled it a “breakthrough vehicle” and picked one up. But no word on whether he’s got a propane-mobile stashed away, too.

Check the video below.

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