UPDATE: The All-Propane NCAA Bracket Goes 1-for-2 on Tuesday

The all-propane NCAA tournament bracket nails it with UNC-Asheville, misses with UAB.

The preliminary round of play in the NCAA basketball tournament wasn’t perfect for the all-propane bracket.

A tenacious UNC-Asheville team won in overtime against the Arkansas-Little Rock team, 81-77. The 16th-ranked Bulldogs should now be ready to upset first-ranked Pitt tomorrow, and continue into the sweet 16 as our bracket dictates. But sadly UAB got spanked by Clemson, 70-52. It’s a troubling loss, since the bracket had the Blazers from UAB moving into the second round.

A quick explainer on this propane bracketology: In any given match-up, whichever school’s home state consumes more retail LPG gets the pick. For a better view of the whole bracket, click on the image at the top.

More updates to come…

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