Survey: Almost Two-Thirds of U.S. Grills Run on Propane

What's tricky to cook on the grill? Fruit, according to 22-percent of respondents in a recent survey from the grill-makers at Weber. (image: JoshEEE via

The grill-maker Weber has released its annual survey on trends at the grill. And it’s clear there are some devoted BBQ-lovers among us. More than a third of the responding grillsmiths said that not only did they cook all winter, but that they also did so when temperatures were below freezing. However, about 80-percent of respondents said they had never grilled up their breakfast.

Of course, the propane stats were most interesting to us: about 62-percent of U.S. grillers own a propane grill. By comparison, 46-percent have a charcoal grill. (This suggests there are also quite a few multiple-grill households out there.) In addition, 10-percent of grill-owning homes have a smoker, and 4-percent have an outdoor electric model.

For a full tally, read an overview of the company’s study here.

This year’s study marks the 22nd year that the Illinois-based Weber has gathered info on the grilling public. One thousand people were polled for the so-called GrillWatch Survey.

And one more grilling factoid to end on… The Top Five “Most Challenging” Foods to Grill:

1. Desserts (34 percent)

2. Fish (27 percent)

2. Pizza (27 percent/tie)

4. Shellfish (25 percent)

5. Fruits (22 percent)

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