Tiny Propane-Powered Prefabs Next Craze in Housing?

Good things come in tiny, fabricated packages! The Faberhaus Pavillon in a Canadian showroom. (image: jetsongreen.com)

While you probably won’t see neighborhoods of propane-powered houses popping up around town, low-maintenance, off-the-grid compact homes are definitely gaining popularity. A model propane- and solar-powered prefabricated eco-cottage was well received in Montreal last weekend when it went on display at the Cottage & Country Home Show.

Marketed towards those who like to live close to nature, the Faberhaus Pavillon from Faberca comes standard with solar panels, furnishings, radiant floors, mechanical systems, and best of all, a propane gas supply. Homebuyers must prepare the land and foundation, and arrange for water connections, but the compact cottage will arrive onsite about 95% complete. The Pavillon starts at $89,000 and can sleep two adults and two children.

Because these cottages exist off the electrical grid and propane is basically portable, clean-burning power in a can, it’s the perfect fuel for the Pavillon’s refrigerator and hydronic radiant heating system. On a side note, propane is gaining some momentum in the refrigeration industry because it works so well with gas absorption refrigerators: refrigerators that use a heat source (usually a propane-fueled flame) to provide the energy powering the cooling system. They’re ideal for areas where electricity is unreliable or expensive; or say, when you’re happily bunking in a pint-sized prefab cottage deep in the woods.

Looking to keep it simple? Propane can help you get off the grid. (image: jetsongreen.com)

Small prefabricated eco-homes are gaining popularity in Canada and the U.S. not only because of their environmental benefits, but because, as tiny house expert designer Michael Janzen says, “Tiny houses give you back freedom in the form of time, money, and piece of mind, simply because they cost less to own, clean, heat, cool, etc. The less time you spend cleaning and maintaining your house the more time you have for the things you like to do.”

To see the Faberhaus Pavillon in person, check out Montreal’s City & Suburb Home Show. It starts today and ends February 27!

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