Don’t Bury This Tank: Propane Tanks with a Mission

A Washington state propane dealer has turned two propane tanks into canvases for the cause. (image: Chinook Observer)

A Washington state propane dealer is turning a pair of tanks into canvases for a cause: The American Cancer Society (ACS). Active Enterprises in the town of Long Beach is selling a pair of brightly-painted propane tanks to raise money for an upcoming ACS event in June, according to the local Chinook Observer. The newspaper says they’re 125-gallon tanks, but check the photo. Those look like 500-galloners to us.

The two tanks were given a bright coating of automotive paint, with additional decals, making them too pretty for propane users to bury in the backyard. “As long as they don’t mind a pink or purple tank at their house, it’s for a good reason,” one member of the company told the Observer.

Of course, there’s another benefit of buying one of the tanks: Owning your own hardware translates into long-term savings. The majority of propane customers lease their tanks, locking them into a single retailer. But folks who own the thing can leverage a better deal with each delivery by phoning different dealers for the best quote. So these tanks are good economics and a good cause.

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