The Propane Tank, Recycled for the Drum Circle

A "hang" drum, fashioned from a five-gallon propane tank. (image: toiletooth via

We have seen a few ingenious ways to repurpose a propane tank in the past. Making a barbecue smoker is a pretty good move. And then there was this guy, who turned a 500 galloner into a lawn roller and painted the thing John Deere green.

But we were blown away by the number of people who have turned smaller propane cylinders into homemade “hang” drums. What’s a hang drum? It’s a metal percussion instrument and first cousin to a steel drum. The hang is a recent musical invention, but it has a primitive, ethereal vibe that should appeal to fans of world music.

Have a listen. And bonus points to this YouTuber, who named his drum “Hank” — a sly reference to the famous face of propane, Hank Hill.

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