We Stand With You, Crazy iPhone Customer with a Propane Heater

Perhaps thinking of the texting he has to do, this Alabama iPhone customer kept his fingers warm with a propane heater. (image: The Huntsville Times)

It was a chilly morning in Alabama, when Verizon finally released the iPhone to its subscribers. Some had waited years for the coveted Apple device, and braving sub-freezing temperatures, began gathering at a Verizon store outside the city of Huntsville starting at 3:30 a.m.

A total of eight customers gathered at the cell phone provider before its doors opened this morning, according to The Huntsville Times. And at least one wise fellow brought along a propane heater, set it up on a garbage can outside, and warmed his hands. Need to keep those fingers toasty for all the apps you’re going to buy!

We like your style, buddy.

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