Pop Quiz: Test Your Propane IQ

Asking Google will result in an automatic F. (image: buildwithpropane.com)

The website for the industry group Propane Education and Resource Council (PERC) has dozens of webpages about the gas. And hands down, the most entertaining one is the propane quiz.

Actually, if you visit the site you’ll find two quizzes, one moderate and one difficult. We took both of them, and got an 8/10. (“What residential propane application is most popular among custom builders?” That’s a toughie. And it’s on the moderate quiz.) So we got a B-minus — not quite good enough to hang up on our propane-powered refrigerator.

Take the quiz, then let us know if you did any better. And if you’re hungry for more energy-themed trivia, try the kids’ quiz over at the Energy Information Administration.

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