FerrellGas Appears on “Mad Money,” Gets Cramer’s Endorsement

The "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer and FerrellGas CEO Steve Wambold. (images: NBC; FerrellGas)

Jim Cramer, the zany host of CNBC’s finance-focused Mad Money, spent some time looking at FerrellGas earlier this week. Cramer likes the “juicy dividends” available from energy companies that operate as master limited partnerships, or MLPs — a common arrangement in the propane industry. And that’s true of FerrellGas, which has paid 50-cent distributions quarterly since the company went public. CEO Steve Wambold makes an appearance, too, saying it’s a possibility those returns will grow.

Meantime, Cramer hits his stride about 3:00, delivering a particularly enthusiastic question about the relation between cold weather and propane demand. “It is COLD out there!!” Cramer shout-speaks. “Should I extrapolate that it’s GOOD NEWS for your company that it’s awfully COLD out?!” The video is embedded below.

What did investors think? Shares in FerrellGas (NYSE: FGP) hit a record high this morning, joining in the market bonanza that a couple other propane retailers have enjoyed this week.

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