Nebraska Price Check: +2 Cents, Still the Low-Cost King

The capitol building in Lincoln, Neb. (image: Steven Martin via

Nebraskan propane prices nudged a bit higher last week, according to federal data. The average retail price for a gallon of the gas went up two cents, or 1-percent, mirroring the average gains around the Midwest. And sure as funnel cake on the Fourth of July, that was good enough for the Cornhusker State to keep its crown as the low-cost propane king.

The state has led the Midwest in low propane prices for years. What’s the Nebraskan secret? Local wisdom holds that the costs of transporting the gas around the state are low, while easy access to the propane storage sites in Kansas and Texas helps, too.

Iowa was #2 for low prices in the region, posting a one-cent gain. North Dakota was #3, with a four-cent gain. And on the supply side, the regional inventory rose by 100,000 barrels — the first increase in the reserves since November.

Meanwhile, last week’s wholesale prices were flat as the Great Plains.

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