Propane Tank Week: 5 Gallons, the Grill Master’s Sidekick

Propane Tank Week enters day two, with a look at the most commonly used propane cylinder on the retail market. And today, it’s the 5-galloner…

Does this five-gallon propane tank look familiar? Odds are, you two met at a barbecue last summer. (image:

Size: 5 gallons, with a 4 gallon capacity (what’s the deal with that?)

Nickname: Mr. Popular

Uses: The 5-gallon cylinder has become the standard fuel tank for gas grills, making this guy a regular at summertime barbecues. The tanks hold enough gas for dozens of burgers, but are small enough to drive to the refueling station for a fill-up. Their portability is limited by their weight, which tops 30 pounds when full. But these cylinders are also used by the RV set for heating and cooking, as well as some heavy-duty power tools, like this weed killer.

Who knew? The 5-gallon propane tank has become popular with home-brewers, who use gas stoves to take the sloppy boiling work outdoors.

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