Powered by Propane: Gum’s Nemesis, the Super Max 7000

This unassuming little pressure washer emits a 330-degree, gum-removing blast, courtesy of propane. (image: daimer.com)

It’s a queasy moment for all city dwellers, when they step into a fresh wad of chewing gum. It’s unpleasant and a hassle to scrape off the sole of your shoe. As for the sidewalk, the gum quickly fuses with the cement and turns black.

This is a particular problem outside the Propane.pro headquarters in New York City. There are stretches of sidewalk in Manhattan that are so badly besmirched, they resemble the coat of a prize Dalmatian. It’s unsightly, and a cottage industry has sprung up to strip old gum from the sidewalks.

And with it, some gum-removing appliances have appeared on the market, including a line of pressure washers made by Daimer Industries. The company’s new Super Max 7000 unleashes two-and-a-half gallons of water a minute. And how to handle a problematic Big Leauge Chew deposit? With a 330 degree blast of wet steam, heated by propane.

You may be thinking of cleaning up the streets outside your apartment. But the Super Max 7000 is priced to discourage amateurs. Even with current markdowns, the Daimer site sells it for $5,292.

See it in action — cleaning up greasy kitchen appliances, oil stains, and a forklift — at the Daimer site here.

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