Propane Tank Week: 16.4 Ounces, the Lil’ Workhorse

Welcome to Tank Week!

Today, launches a survey of the most commonly used hardware in the propane trade. We’ll look at a different consumer-sized tank and its uses every day this week, working our way from small to large. And we start with the one-pound cylinder…

A journeyman of a propane tank, the 16.4-ouncer fits a range of products. (images:

Size: 16.4 ounces

Nicknames: The Pounder, Lil’ Workhorse

Related Tanks: The 14.1-ounce “Skinny Tank”; the 16.9-ounce “Fat Boy”

Uses: With their easy portability, these little cylinders are designed for propane power on the go. Outdoorsy types will recognize the pounders from their camping stoves, but they travel so light that that they can fuel a range of products: portable shoe dryers, ice drills for ice fishing, propane scooters.

Who knew? One paintball gun-maker has designed a model powered by a 16-ounce cylinder, instead of the more common carbon dioxide or compressed air. The propane cylinder gives you about 50,000 shots — about 50 times more than you get from the same amount of CO2.

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