Nebraska Price Check: +1 Cent, Still the Low-Cost King

Retail propane prices went up a penny on average last week, but Nebraska continues its years-long run as the country's low-cost propane king. (image: Mawhamba via

Nebraska has started the New Year with a tiny gain in retail propane. The average price for a gallon of the fuel went up a penny last week, to land at $1.73, according to today’s report from the state’s energy office. And sure as sugar, that’s low enough for the Cornhusker State to keep its crown as the low-cost propane king.

Meantime, the state’s wholesale propane prices slipped a half-penny last week, with a gallon going for just under $1.35 on average.

Nebraska — which enjoys low transportation costs and easy access to the propane production centers along the Gulf — bested its neighbors in the Midwest by at least a nickel. Iowa was #2 at $1.78 a gallon. North Dakota was #3 at $1.79. The Midwest average was $2.10.

On the East Coast, Connecticut had the lowest retail prices, at $2.95. Nebraskans may scoff at that, but as we reported earlier this week, the Nutmeg State was the only state in the union where residential propane prices dropped this week. Strong work, Connecticut.

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