Pesky Birds + Propane Cannon = “Starling Hazing”

No longer accepting deposits: A Portland bridge requires propane cannons to scare off these troublesome birds. (image:

The problem: Every January, flocks of starlings take a pit stop on an interstate bridge in Portland. And no one likes the droppings they leave behind. The local NBC affiliate says they “coat the bridge.” (Though in the video, it appears to be nothing more than a light Jackson Pollocking.)

The solution: Tomorrow, Portland will unholster its propane cannons for the annual “starling hazing.” These big guns, which are also used for bird control in orchards, produce a loud bang. This propane-powered thunderclap is designed to discourage the starlings from conducting their business on the bridge. Though we were under the impression that terrifying noises had the opposite effect on animals.

Here’s the video from KGW in Portland, including action shots of the cannon:

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