The Price Rankings: 2010 Showdown

Halfway through the heating season, don't look for any upsets. In tomorrow's numbers, the Midwest will still be paying less for propane than the East Coast. (image:

Tomorrow, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) releases its last propane report of the year. These weekly roundups include the numbers on how much customers are paying for propane around the country. And so this final report, coming three months into the heating season, is like a propane all-star break: a chance to consider the top-performing states halfway through the season.

But don’t look for any major upsets tomorrow. The Midwest will come up cheaper than the East Coast. And Nebraska will be the best in the Midwest (at least among the states that collect data for the EIA). Here are the rest of’s predictions for the states with the lowest prices in tomorrow’s price report.


1. Nebraska
2. Iowa
3. North Dakota
4. South Dakota
5. Wisconsin

East Coast

1. Connecticut
2. North Carolina
3. Maine
4. Virginia
5. Massachusetts

Did we get any wrong? Let us know in the comments.

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