Global Glance: Rising Prices, Even for Cow Dung

In Pakistan, propane dealers have been accused of gouging customers for the gas, among other fuels. (image: Dawn Media Group)

The story’s the same overseas as it is here: Propane prices are up this winter. This week’s roundup of international headlines has claims of price gouging in Pakistan, and grousing about deliveries in Scotland.

Pakistan: The International News says propane dealers around the city of Rawalpindi are “looting the masses” for charging up to 25-percent more for a kilo of gas than the rates set by a trade group. Fuels like firewood, coal, and cow dung are also trading above their approved rates.

Scotland: Propane customers are accusing BP of intentionally delayed deliveries so it could charge more, reports The Dundee Courier. The company denies the charge, and has said weather affected their routes. One angry Scotsman claims BP should have known its customers lived out in the country.

The Philippines: Rising LPG prices put a damper on recent “Noche Buena” celebrations, says the Manila Bulletin. One woman complained that her propane ran out as she cooked a meal of ham, spaghetti, fried chicken, and bone marrow soup. And when the fill up arrived, she discovered prices have gone up twice since November.

India: A proposed price hike for propane and diesel gas was postponed, after the country’s oil minister said prices were high enough already, according to the online journal Outlook India.

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