A Few Delivery Hiccups, but Propane Weathers the Storm

A Yuletide blizzard unleashed on the streets of New York City, but the propane biz took the storm in stride. (image: Anthony Biuso Photography)

An after-Christmas blizzard smothered the Northeast this weekend, but hasn’t snowed in the propane trade, reports the petroleum news site OpisNet.

Boston got a foot and a half. New York City got about 20 inches in Central Park. And Philadelphia got about a foot, which was enough for the National Football League to postpone an Eagles game there Sunday. “We’ve become a nation of wusses,” Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said in response.

But around the Northeast, it appeared to be propane as usual, with only a couple hiccups. “It’s just affecting the delivery in certain regions,” one New Hampshire dealer told OpisNet.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation shut down the Mass Turnpike to propane trucks, before lifting the ban around lunchtime on Monday. And the streets of New York City, which have stranded cars and buses, will prove treacherous for trucks making propane deliveries to the brave food carts that are still serving lamb kofta today.

Still, most supply points have weathered the storm. By Tuesday, rail terminals were functioning normally in the Northeast, as were marine terminals in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

That’s a better showing than outside the Propane.Pro headquarters of New York. Trains are hardly running in and out of the city, including the train this writer needs to take home…

UPDATE: This writer’s train just started running!

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