Propane Gift Guide: The Jiffy Pro Ice Auger

This Jiffy Pro Ice Auger puts some propane muscle behind your Nancy-boy ice drilling. (image:

For anyone who has struggled to open a bottle of Merlot, the prospect of drilling through two feet of lake ice in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard may sound like a challenge. So put a little propane power behind your muscle, with the Jiffy Pro Propane Ice Auger.

(Note to city slickers: Ice augers drill holes for ice fishing.)

The Jiffy is powered by a one-pounder propane tank and is advertised as smokeless, making it convenient for drilling when you’re cozy inside your ice shanty. And with propane, there’s no mixing oil into your gas tank, which as any ice fisherman will tell you, invariably ends with an oil spill down the front of your snow pants. The outfitter Cabela’s sells the Jiffy for $500.

What’s to like? In online comments, fisherman said the Jiffy started quickly, and ran hard without exhaust. “Tore through five inches of ice in about three seconds,” said a Cabela’s commenter named bowhunting4life.

Here’s a clip of the Jiffy in action, eight degrees below zero:

[youtube rC558vqHkX4]

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