Global Propane: Philippines Push LPG Use in Cars

Fast and furiously running on propane? Urging LPG on the Philippines, one official said propane is faster than gasoline. (image:

The Filipino government is pushing propane to the nation’s drivers as a desirable alternative fuel, the country’s Manila Bulletin reported this weekend. And making a seldom-heard argument for the fuel, one government official claims LPG is speedier than gasoline.

“Based on simulation, the LPG-fueled automobile is faster compared to a gasoline-fueled automobile,” says Jose Rey C. Maleza, with the Department of Energy.

However, lower prices at the pump were the larger concern at the Energy Industry Forum. The Department of Energy wanted the citizenry to pick LPG-cars to cut costs. “Some” drivers are already puttering around the Philippines on propane, the story notes.

Analysts are expecting that global propane consumption and production will increase through 2012, spurred by recovering economic conditions. Hinting at rising demand, the country of Pakistan just imported its largest shipment of propane ever, the Express Tribune noted this weekend.

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