Ontario Sets Safety Regs on Propane Dealers

Ontario updates its safety regulations, with an eye toward future requirements. (image: bydewey.com)

Ontario has updated its oversight of the province’s propane dealers and transfer stations, according to an item today from the National Center for Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).

Starting in the New Year, propane facilities will be required to submit “risk and safety management plans” within four months of renewing their business licenses.

For stations with a capacity under 5,000 gallons, that means completing a detailed report on the site, surrounding area, and an emergency response plan. Larger facilities will need to have the reports prepared by an engineer.

Ontario plans to use the reports to make decisions on future requirements for propane dealers. The province is home to 1,300 small facilities.

“Ontario has the highest propane safety standards in Canada,” boasts John Gerretsen, with the ministry of consumer services.

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