Propane Gift Guide: The Propane Torch

Use #37 for a propane torch: casual, cardio-lite snow removal. (image:

Driveway snowed in? You could shovel your way out and risk straining your lumbar. Or you could blast that pesky snow with a propane fireball, to the cheers of every 12-year-old on the block.

Propane torch-makers push their product for a list of different tasks. Strip some paint or strafe some dandelions, heat up a branding iron or sterilize something unusually nasty. But in the winter, these little flame-throwers are handy for casual, cardio-light snow removal. sells several different models, including the Weed Dragon ($51), the Turbo Torch ($17) and the Mr. Heater All-Purpose Torch ($51). There are subtle differences between models, but the set-ups should all include a flame wand and a hose that connects to your propane source.

(Side note to Mr. Heater: Does Liza Minnelli work in your service department? Check the website and see.)

The Bernzomatic Outdoor Torch ($33), appears to have won the most praise from Amazon buyers. “The tool makes a satisfying roar when you are roasting weeds,” noted one reviewer.

There are some commonsense precautions to take with any propane torch, like using it away from flammable items and keeping an eye on how far the flames are shooting out. Be sure to warn the neighbor kids before letting them use it.

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