Propane Poofer: World’s Largest Bunsen Burner?

$400 + 40 hours of work = One killer party trick. (image: Popular Science)

It’s not always home heating and petrochemical manufacturing with propane. The gas is handy for Hollywood effects, or perhaps a fiery entrance at the Super Bowl.

And, for amateur pyrotechnic geeks, for building a “propane poofer.” Some guys at Popular Science recently put one together for $400. It’s got some nice retro spaceship styling, and shoots flames 20 feet into the air at the push of a button.

“Where’s the marshmallows?” says one jokester as the poofer fires up.

There’s plenty of propane geekery involved, and the accompanying post includes some general notes on putting one together — along with a disclaimer to be awfully careful when you play with fire.

[youtube LXPpDJDsRjs]

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