Propane Price Round-up: November 2010

Now we're cooking with... electricity? Propane prices up, despite low Thanksgiving demand. (image:

Residential propane prices heated up in November, rising 13 cents a gallon since last month, according to numbers from the Energy Information Administration. On average, a gallon of propane sold for $2.52 on the US retail market in November, about a quarter more than this time last year.

The increase in propane prices follows a common upswing that comes when the weather turns chilly — despite unusually low demand during Thanksgiving week this year.

The regional price gap also widened by a dime, going from 99 cents to a $1.09 during the month. On the East Coast, residential propane averaged $3.08 a gallon. In the Midwest, it was $1.99.

At $2.52, the price is the highest ever for the month of November.

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