Powered by Propane: The Go-Ped Cruiser

The Go-Ped Cruiser: 20 miles on one 16-ounce tank of propane. (image: goped.com)

Meet the Go-Ped Cruiser, a propane-fueled scooter that putters up to 21 miles per hour and is street legal in California.

With its quiet 1-horsepower engine, this little guy won’t pick up babes at the roadhouse, but it may impress a sensible environmental science major around campus.

Propane makes it easy to fuel up on this two-wheeler: Twist on the tank and ride — a welcome change for motorbike owners mixing oil with their gas. The scooter could get more than 100 miles on a gallon of propane, though with its 16-ounce tank, your range will be limited to 20 miles or so.

Look to spend about $770 for the Cruiser, or consider upgrading to the company’s go-cart, the Pro-Quad, for $1140.

And should you land a date to the smoothie bar, the Go-Ped Cruiser can handle your ladyfriend, too. The carrying capacity is 400 pounds.

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