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Propane.pro: Flickering to life

It is an honor and a thrill to write the first post for our energy news blog, Propane.pro. The origins of this site lie in our first site, HeatingOil.com which we founded in July of 2009 and which has become the single most visited site in the heating oil industry. I believe the reason for that is simple — we are passionate about our subject and the quality of our work. With over 3,000 posts written, over 700,000 visitors and more than two million page views, HeatingOil.com continues to do important work to empower and inform consumers everywhere about this important fuel type.

I have enjoyed the creation of HeatingOil.com so much that soon after it was established I began looking for other subjects I felt needed and deserved more attention. Propane was the clearest and most worthy candidate. An enormously important national energy source for the United States, propane heats millions of homes, warms water, cooks food, powers appliances, and hundreds of other important applications all over the world. It is serviced by thousands of hardworking people working for companies that range from small mom and pop companies to multinational corporations. It is also locally produced in North America and helps reduce our country’s dependence on imported oil. It is quite simply deserving of more attention in the public domain, and we intend to give it that in our own humble way.

In doing so, we hope to shed a little more light on this remarkable fuel and the proud industry and individuals that produce and distribute it. We hope to help and empower as we do it (and make a living too!). I hope you like it.

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