Powered by Propane: The GreenSteam Weed Killer

The R2D2 of the Garden: The GreenSteam Weed Killer burns propane, then dandelions. (image: greensteam.com)

Meet the GreenSteam Weed Killer: propane tank in the back, blazing hot steam thrower in the front.

The Canadian-made machine looks like a gardener’s R2D2, but in lieu of charming beeps it emits a weed death ray. The device’s wand features a propane-fueled “flash boiler” that shoots out 1000-degree steam at the pull of a trigger.

“Your results will be immediate and visible,” the GreenSteam website claims.

Earlier this week, the gadget testers at Wired magazine blasted an office plant, leaving it soggy and defeated.

GreenSteam pitches its creation as a pesticides-free alternative to traditional weed maintenance. Retail price on a GS-5000 model? $4,600 in Canadian dollars (or about $4,500 US dollars).

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